About Cengiz


Hi there! Thanks for visiting my webpage.

I am Cengiz. Someone who is very excited about music and especially how musical sounds involve in our daily life. That’s why I am keeping myself busy with performing and producing of many kinds of music.

It’s my pleasure and duty to be a part of making new sounds, music and cooking fresh frequencies.

Some of my expertises are:

  • Sounddesign
  • Sound-synthesis
    • Software and Hardware.
  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • (Microtonal)Composing
  • Sound programming
    • Supercollider
    • Max/MSP
    • Lillypond
  • Playing the woodwind instruments – like:
    • Ney/Nay
    • Kaval
    • Duduk
  • General Maqam Theory and my own concept named Maqam-Garde
  • Music teaching

On this platform I am sharing some of my projects as a small impression of what I do.

I like to work together with new people and make interesting things. So if you would like I am open for collaborations.

Want to hear more music?





Greetings and stay tuned! 🙂