”Music shouldn’t be about me guarding my style or me putting down historical claims on things. It should rather be a fluid bidirectional and N-directional process.”

– Larry Polansky

Cengiz Arslanpay is a multi-instrumentalist and a composer who’s work is characterized with smooth transitions between contemporary and authentic musical spheres.
His main instruments are the Nay and modular synthesizers, although he is also familiar with the practice of all kinds of instruments with non-western backgrounds. This makes him a musical bridge between authentic and contemporary music.

Contact Info:
e-mail: c.arslanpay@gmail.com
phone: +31 625 36 46 30


Klots, is a collaborative electro-acoustic improvisation album by Cengiz Arslanpay and Klaas Hekman. Using both acoustic and electronic instruments such as woodwinds around the world , bass saxophone and modular synthesizers, Arslanpay & Hekman are discovering unique sound palletes that are surprising for the ear.
The 7 tracks album consists of both freely improvised as partly improvised/composed pieces that are inspired by portraits, landscapes, nature, physics of sound and sometimes reflective interpretation of tradition.

The foundation of Five Seasons is a series of ancient ritual songs for different occasions throughout the year plucked from various Ukrainian folk repertoires. Although its base lies in well-established tradition, the
direction that the group ultimately pursues with these melodies anything but conventional.

Vocals: Maryana Golovchenko
Cello: Pau Sola Masafrets

Mosheem is een doorlopende installatie waarin je wordt meegenomen naar een tussenruimte. Er wordt verbinding gemaakt tussen de werelden van de moderne en de primitieve mens. Mosheem zoekt het contrast én de verbinding tussen mens en natuur. Kom binnen en neem plaats tussen de felgekleurde lisdodden, volg je zintuigen en ga mee op een interne dwaaltocht.

Scenografie: Floris Barnhoorn
Tekst: Anne Hazeleger
Stem: Jos Nargy


Here are some links to my solo , duo or ensemble performances

Picture by Beatriz Lerer Castelo

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